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Securing your garage doors will cut your odds of being burglarized

By Don Baker in Blogs.

Securing your garage doors will cut your odds of being burglarized.
Don’t leave garage door openers where they are visible in a parked car, especially. They will break into the car and use the opener to gain access. The arrow in the photo points to the small cable tie that keeps the cord from being pulled and opening the door. Overhead doors with door openers come with a built in security problem. They have a release handle on the chain between the door and the opener. Burglars can take a coat hanger and reach in at the top of the door and trip it. Then all they have to do it lift up the door. Take a small cable tie and secure the release as shown in the attached picture.

Garage Door Opener Release Cord

Another method of securing your garage doors is to take a look at the track that the overheard door rolls. Often you will see holes located directly about the rollers. You can stick a screw drive through these holes and this will disables the door. Just be sure the screwdriver is above the closest roller.

Photo from ROPD Red Oak Police Department

Another simple trick, if you are going on vacation, unplug the garage door opener. But none of these things matter if you don’t do your part. Securing your garage doors requires action on your part. Every day I see garage doors that are left open to provide easy access for a burglar or even worst. Security starts with you.