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Restaurant Review – 342 Grill & Bar

By Don Baker in Blogs.

Some friends, My wife & I decided to eat at 342 Grill & Bar located at 205 S Main St, Red Oak, TX 75154. We’ve eaten there before & the food was good. This time our food came out cold & the steak that I ordered was not cooked the way I ordered it. I ordered the Jack Daniels Rib-Eye, CHOICE Black Angus Ribeye steak hand cut thick then grilled and enhanced with their tangy sweet Jack Daniel’s Sauce.  As much as I hate to say this . . . . . it cut & chewed like it was rubber. The service was fair. I think the waitress was new, so I won’t go too hard on her. We did have to look for her a couple of times when we needed a refill or attention to something about our meal. Either they were having a bad day or their service & food are starting to depreciate. I would give them 2.5 Stars out of 5 for this review.