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Real Estate Agent Availability & Communication

By Don Baker in Blogs.

Real Estate Agent Availability & Communication, to me, is very important in this day & age. I believe that if you’re going to be a real estate agent in today’s market, you have to be accessible to communicate by whatever means necessary. Especially, if you’re a Listing Agent!!! Because when we have a low inventory, houses in a desirable area, being maintained & priced at Fair Market Value, are going under contract very quickly. This even applies to properties for lease.

So when we have clients looking to Buy or Lease, typically, I will call or text the listing agent to verify the property is still available. If it’s For Sale, I will ask if they are working any offers on the property or if it’s for Lease, I will ask if they are working any applications or if they have approved an applicant. By asking these questions, I know whether or not I can schedule to show the property(ies) to my client. I will usually send a text first when I have a mobile phone number listed on the MLS for the Listing Agent. That way they can can take a minute to respond with a brief comment. It gets so frustrating when the other agent does not respond or sometimes with property management companies, you can’t contact anyone on the weekend, so you have to wait until the next business day. It’s also fustrating when the Listing Agent doesn’t put a mobile number on the listing.

Centralized Showing Service is available from 8am to 8pm to schedule properties for showing, so I think we, as Realtors, should make ourselves available also. We’re here to provide a service to our clients, Buyers, Sellers & Prospective Tenants, AND provide a Professional Respect & Courtesy to other real estate agents.