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Home Selling Tips

By Don Baker in Blogs.

The secrets to selling your home are really no secret at all.  They are as follows:

1. Price your home to sell

2. Hire a great Realtor, if a Realtor does not post photos and sydicate your listing, your interest will be very low.  Technology is also very important, we use a text for more information so that a buyer driving past your home is able to get more information immediately.  It allows them to do this without hesitation because they are not required to speak with anyone to gather the information.  They just want information.  Virtual tours and great photos allow potential buyers to preview your home without physically entering it.  It helps you keep disinterested buyers from entering and allows interested buyers to get a feel for your home before entering.  We have many buyers moving in from out of state and out of the country, they are making their list of the homes they want to view when they get to your town, this allows your home to make the list.

3. Clean your home inside and out, deep cleaning and discarding items sitting outside your home are critical.

4. Minimize your furnishings, homes with furniture against every wall make your home look smaller.

5. Put away the personal items.  Personal photos are a distraction to a buyer and it makes them feel like they are visiting rather than allowing them to picture their things and family in your home.  Put them all up and stage like a builders model home.

6. Remove pets.  If you have a family member or friend that can care for your pets in their home while you are on the market you will get much better responses from buyers.

7. Don’t smoke in your home.  Smoking in a home will send buyers straight out the door before they even get all of the way in.  Smoke outside, tuck away ashtrays when you are not there and start the process of neutralizing the smoke.  This is a biggie.  Smoking in your home will likely cost you money  because buyers calculate the cost of expensive carpet cleaning, painting and duct cleaning and they will take it out of their offer if they are willing to make an offer at all.

8. Take care of deferred maintenance.  A home with rotted wood, peeling paint, a fence that is falling down will cost you money and will slim down your buyer pool.  Most buyers want a home they can just move right into.  Also, some lenders will not accept a property with these issues.

9. Clean up your flower beds and plant fresh drought resistant flowers as well as add fresh mulch.  The very first thing the buyer sees is the front of your home.  If it is a mess, that may lead them to think that the home is not taken care of.  Buyers are very afraid to buy a home that appears to be a huge maintenance issue or is suffering from lack of maintenance.  Make your front shine so they will come on in and look at the rest of what your home has to offer.

10. Price your home to sell