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Another Chapter in the Adventures of Don Baker, Realtor

By Don Baker in Blogs.

Congratulations to Ivan & Kathy Jacobs on the purchase of their New Home!!! I must commend them on their patience & fortitude. They executed their offer on 11/8/2013 to purchase this property that was a Short Sale. The Listing Agent, Louis Laurent, told us that he went through 4 negotiators at BofA before we finally received an approval from the Lender on 6/27/2014. We had to close on 7/30/2014. Victoria Pannitti Baker at Southwest Funding did a great job at making the deadline. We had to overcome some obstacles with the appraisal. Even though the appraisal was done “As-Is”, the appraiser had written in the appraisal some deficiencies with the property, not as required repairs, that the underwriter wanted the buyer to put up money in escrow to cure the deficiencies. Then the day of closing, one of the sellers went AWOL & didn’t make it to closing. It was back to BofA to ask for an extension & the listing agent also had to hunt down the missing Seller. The Listing Agent finally found the Seller on the following Sunday. We rescheduled closing for the following Wednesday & the listing agent had to work to get the revised Final  Approval from BofA. Jackie Poteet at Providence Title did a great job staying on top of  things & wrapping up closing with all parties. So after 9 months, the emotional roller coaster ride finally came to a stop!!! Another chapter in the Adventures of Don Baker, Realtor