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The Adventures of Don Baker, Realtor

By Don Baker in Blogs.

A day in the Life of Don Baker, Realtor. I drove to Mansfield to show a property to my client. While I was waiting for my clients to show, parked in front of the house, a gentleman came out of the property & asked what I was doing. I told him I was waiting on my clients to show the property. He went back into the house, got his dog & took him for a walk. The owner of the house pulls into the driveway & asks if I’m here to see the house. I told her I was waiting for my clients to show them the house. She responds that she won’t be staying, but her brother will be here with the dog. I told her I just spoke to him & he just went down the street with the dog. A few minutes later to my surprise, my back passenger door opens up, he puts his dog in my back seat & then opens the passenger door & has a seat. He says & motions to me “Let’s Go!”. To which I replied, my clients just pulled up, so I have to show your property. He says “Oh, Ok & gets back out, opens the back door & tries to get the dog out. The dog doesn’t want to get out & is growling at him while he’s trying to pull the dog out of my back seat. I get out, the dog realizes we aren’t going anywhere & finally comes out of the car. I thought I was going to have to drive the dog around the block before he would get out. If only I were writing a book on the odds moments in showing properties. The Adventures of Don Baker, Realtor